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More NYC AWESOMENESS!!! Kristine brought me to where she use to stay in Brooklyn when she was studying in New York. She then took me to The Meatball Shop where we had AMAZING, wait for it, MEATBALLS!!! Decor was super rustic and homey! Then we travelled on the texture-filled subway and headed towards Harlem where we met the beautiful, healthy, and multi-talented Sara!!! We enjoyed Organic Avenue where we had some refreshingly healthy bevvys and Sara showed us around Harlem!!! Enjoy!  CF000790CF000792CF000793CF000795CF000801CF000802CF000808CF000810CF000817CF000823CF000838CF000840CF000852CF000855CF000860CF000862CF000867CF000943CF000946CF000957CF000969CF000970CF000980CF000987CF000995CF001005CF001015CF001001CF001012CF001023CF001033


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Hi everyone!!!! Back in Edmonton and loving all that’s ahead of me!!! Really missing New York but got these awesome pics that will bring me back! This was my second day there and was scouting out what was around me… people told me that I had to try the pastrami sandwich at Katz’s, and so I did! The sandwich was extremely delicious and gigantic!!!!! Kristine’s BEST friend Mia also joined us in the evening! We got to hang out and do a little interview for Kristine’s Interchew for Chewtube (place to be for healthy inspired living)! I got to enjoy a little tourist time by myself at Time Square and got to also enjoy the intricate/complex New York Metro!!! SO FUN!!! AANNNNDDDD who can forget scratch bread! The grits that we had there the following morning was to die for!!!! Went the following two mornings cuz we couldn’t resist the deliciousness! Any how, hope you guys enjoy the pics, and I’ll share more of new york!!! Stay tuned!!! ~Romy




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HELLO EVERYONE!!! Definitely been too long since I last posted, but what the heck, it’s better late than never!!! Recently committed myself to digital medium format and I gotta say “IT’S AMAZING!!!” Currently in New York City photographing the layers of beautiful and interesting locations, people, and objects!!! I’ll probably have about 3-5 parts to this new york trip and I am going to share it below with you guys!!! Check it out!



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