The Beautiful Morning Thunderstorm | Edmonton Photographer

Seldom do I wake up with such excitement flowing in me. After peeking out to a yellowish orange sky, I bolted out with all my camera gear knowing that if I don’t hurry up and grab the shots I wanted, I could get poured on REALLY FAST! At first glance, the sky looks like it’s burning due to the red-orange-ness of it. The next thing you notice are the amazing clouds that span across the whole entire sky. What’s even cooler is that there was a beautiful rainbow that emerge behind this little house.

I got the shots I wanted, accompanied by multiple mosquito bites :(, and my wife called me, telling me that I have got to try to capture the lightning. I quickly grab all my camera gear again (this time running upstairs), set it to a long shutter, and waited patiently… I’ve got to say, this was so worth it… check out the two pics that I’ve shot from this morning, first of the sky with the amazing clouds, then the image with lightning sandwiched between two rainbows!!! *Update: Below are 3 more images One of the full panoramic (may be a little too small). I also split the panoramic into two additional larger images… Enjoy! ~Romy

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  • July 18, 2011 - 8:39 AM

    Rachel - Thanks for posting! I was too late with my camera gear to get some pics, I’m so glad you did! They are incredible pictures!ReplyCancel

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