What a wonderful Birthday!!! | Edmonton


It’s that time of the year where you feel older, wiser (sometimes haha), and thankful that you have such wonderful people around you… My lovely wife threw a mini party for me yesterday where good family and friends gathered to have fun together… I got what I always wanted as a child which was the PS3 hahaha… well, they didn’t really have it when I was a kid cuz that was LOOOONNNNGGG ago, but it’s what I would want…;)Also, I got Guitar Hero which is my favorite game now… so thank you to that wife a.k.a. sweetie + family…;)I also want to give a super shout out to my dear friends from Sweet Krumblz for gifting me such wonderful cupcakes… they were SUPER DELICIOUS!!! + everyone should check em’ out!!!

One of the highlights, other than the party, was that my client/friend Sid called me to wish me a happy birthday… What was crazier was that his mom sang me happy birthday… I have to tell you, there is nothing more moving or touching when you know you have moved someone with your work that they return it 100x back like this… I was so so so grateful and so touched to have such wonderful clients/friends…

Anyhoo, I look forward to this wonderful year and just wanted to say thank you again to all that I have had a chance to meet, be friends with, be family with, and yes, thank you God, mom and dad + my lovely wife for giving me this opportunity to use my talents to the fullest and have such a wonderful life!!! Love you all!!!

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